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Learn About The Asking Formula The Asking Formula was created by John Baker, a former senior executive and sales professional at companies including American Express, Ameriprise Financial and has consultedfor some of the country's largest organizations, who witnessed the results of poor "asking" first hand: failed sales calls, non-ending meetings, interminable presentations, unwieldy emails, and long-winded voicemails. What a waste of time, money and energy!

John Baker is the creator of a powerful new program called The Asking Formula, a method of persuasive communication that teaches people how to ask for what they want in a confident and effective way.

Designed with sales professionals in mind, The Asking Formula needs to be used at every stage of the sales cycle. It is ideal for running high performing sales meetings. The Asking Formula can be used across all platforms and geographies to provide an enterprise-wide solution.

Non-sales professionals benefit from The Asking Formula as well: asking effectively is a vital skill in achieving success regardless of position or tenure. Asking for what you want more effectively means getting what you want more frequently. 

Achieving your goals requires you to ask for what you want: The Asking Formula is a solution that will quickly become a way of doing business.